Toyota Hiace – Campervan – 234 000 Km – Diesel – En

9 900$AUD = 6 072

Pink Slip PASSED this Tuesday 18-09-2018 !!!!!!!!!!!!
Kmart Tyre & Auto Services

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  • Toyota HiAce 1987
  • 234 000 km – Diesel 2.4L – Manual – Propulsion
  • 3rd hand vehicle
  • Follow up maintenance
    • ALL the informations about the maintenance of the vehicle since the first owners
    • Last « Service » with 86 inspection points made on April 2018 at Kmart
    • Start Immediately, even when its cold, We never had to use the “starter” !
  • Pink Slip: 18-09-2018
  • CTP insurance valid until: 13-11-2018
  • Registration NSW valid until: 13-11-2018
  • Warranty Kmart up to: 236,000 km
  • 5 legal seats with belts at the front and rear
  • Spare Wheel
  • Height : 1.91m

Its Strengths

  • Corner Bench / Double bed.
  • Heaps of storage
  • Pop Top Roof – stay protected from the wind, rain, heat, cold
    • Indoor kitchen & Table
      • Gas – 2 to 3 months of autonomy
    • Sink and water pump
      • 45L reserve
  • Solar panel 160w
    • Fridge 32L runs 24 / 24h between 10 and 15 degrees C. Up to 0 degrees!
    • USB charge on the second battery for phones, batteries, computer …
  • Two Batteries
    • 1st battery: Start + normal use of the vehicle
      • Small fridge connectable to the front for long trips
    • 2nd battery « Deep Cycle »: for Lights and fridge.
    • Isolator
      • Allows recharging of the second battery while driving, in addition to the solar panel
  • Electrical
    • The van can be electrically plugged-in … never used since the installation of the solar panel.
  • Mechanic: Full “Service” performed in April 2018
    • Renowned garage chain: Kmart Townsville
    • All recommendations have been fully followed (Documents certified)
    • 86 inspection points:
  • Windshield protection (from stones and kangaroos)
  • COMPLETE equipment (See photos: emergency toilet & shower, cooking equipment, bed sheets, 2 camping chairs and table, fishing and snorkel equipment)
  • Ready to hit the road! No stuff to buy !

Upgraded this year

  • 160w solar panel:
  • Mechanical:
    • New clutch + repair modification of the original clutch point that skated with heat.
    • Alternator
  • Front and rear curtains
  • Vegetable baskets
  • Closing closet doors that opened during the journey
  • Deep Cycle Battery:
  • 4 New wheels.

Stuff list

Camp Table & 2 chairs Toolbox 2 Pillows 12v Stereo cable to listen music from your phone
Camp Shower « Homemade » 2 Fuel Tanks Blanket Clutery Set
Camp Toilet Cooler Liquid & Motor Oil 2 Warm Covers Pans set
Snorkeling equipment Gas Bottle 2 Yoga Mats Plates  & Bowls
Fishing equipment Cleaning Products 2 Paddles Raquettes Cooking ustensiles
12v Compact Fridge for front seats Cleaning equipment Beach Umbrella Wine Glasses
220v Cable to plug the campervan in Camping sites Rubbish bin Australia’s Campervans Camp Guide & Security Book Tupperwares

Included in the sale

  • Driving lessons: Practice + left-hand driving tips
  • Instructions to change the name of the owner + the registration if necessary (Queensland or NSW)
  • Tips to travel in Australia – you will not have OUR problems ^^
  • Our feedback and a list of the better farms on the east coast of Australia. Some of them have a $1000 job minimum per week!
  • Details of the cheapest stores in Australia to buy equipment, clothes and more.
  • I will answer all your questions drinking a beer.

Are you hesitating with other vans?

Make sure :

  • Is the number of km higher than 350k?
  • All documents? When was the last visit to the mechanic?
    • Pink Slip at $40 only ? it is not enough to justify the good condition of the engine!
    • In australia : A complete check of a vehicle is called a « Service » and costs about $180
  • Kitchen in the back and outside? it can be very cold and windy in australia down to 5 degrees
  • Fridge .., but does it work 24h or only when the vehicle is moving or plugged in?
  • The guy is super generous and gives you his clothes along with the car?
    Warning ! the van may be infested with bed bugs.
  • Tip : Ask on Facebook groups someone who knows about mechanics to come with you to buy the van in exchange of a little of cash.
  • More than 2m high ? it doesn’t enter in all the supermarkets parkings


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  • Facebook : Romain DALICHAMP
  • Whatsapp : +33613943685
  • Telephone : 0491352072

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